Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Never too many monkeys

One of my favourite activities here is to visit the Maikuchiga rehabilitation center.  For approximately the last 10 years  Sarah  Bennett  has been working to conserve and rehabilitate local fauna.  Most of her wards are victims of the pet trade that have either been confiscated or voluntarily handed over by owners who no longer can care for the monkeys.  Despite most of the animals coming from a background of abuse and neglect any one who visits is greeted by a number of curious faces.

No where else in the region will you have the chance to interact with so many species which currently number around 9.  Whether its the calming grooming of Puu a monk saki monkey , the playful chaos of the squirrel monkeys or the mischievous curiosity of the brown capuchins there is at least one resident that will bring a smile to your face.

Unfortunately the concept of conservation oriented tourism is not very widespread here in the region. We can only hope that the few companies leading the way in sustainable tourism will serve as an example for the many others who see  the forest as something to exploit rather than care for.  If you are interested in supporting the rehabilitation and conservation efforts of Maikuchiga you can make donations on their website:  

Of course we invite everyone to come and visit the rehabilitation center as well as experience all the natural and cultural charm of the region. For more information visit our website:

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