Friday, 28 October 2011

An Eco lodge on a Budget

Its been a few months since I arrived in the Amazon and like any journey it has had its ups and downs.  Unexpected costs, bureaucratic hiccups and other hurdles have extended the original time line but the end or should I say the beginning is in sight.

Progress has been slow but steady.  In December of last year I left the Amazon and all that could be found at the site was a zinc covered platform and a very primitive kitchen with a firewood based stove.  Since then the platform has been converted into an Amazonian styled cabin which currently has beds for 8. There is a kitchen with most modern amenities and dining room with a beautiful mosquito net that encloses it entirely.  There are 3 washrooms and 3 showers. For transportation a boat has been purchased and all that it is currently missing is a roof but it has still been very useful in transporting materials for the construction.

As the site is within the bounds of the native community San Martin, it has been vital to build and maintain a good relationship with the people of the community.  Through this relationship I have had the opportunity to share with them and  experience elements of their culture.

For me a major plus to this project is the chance to see the amazing variety of wild life in this fascinating part of the world.  I've been lucky enough to see kinkajous, toucans, macaws, otters, anacondas, and a very exciting if brief sighting of a harpy eagle, one of the largest eagles in the world.  Really it has been the natural beauty of the forest, the river and the incredible biodiversity that have been a source of comfort when things have gotten more challenging. 

Like any project of this type the work will never be done but its comforting to know that I am ready to share my hard work as well as this beautiful rain forest with visitors.  If you're interested in visiting you can find more info on the website or you can email me at