Sunday, 2 September 2012

The Journey Continues

It has been a while since I last posted anything and it has not been uneventful here in the Amazon.
Altough there have been a few low points there have been an equal number of high points.
The biggest news  would have to be that we have built a maloca.  A maloca is a traditional indigenous home.  We took a few liberties with the design so it does not strictly follow the design of any one tribe but the basic concept is there.  It definitely was an element that was missing at the lodge.  It is a perfect spot to relax or take a nap in a hammock after a trek through the forest or a good meal. It is also great for sending those of your group who snore a bit too loudly.

Also inside the maloca we have also begun to create a mini museum with both natural and cultural items from the region.  This includes a collection of animal skulls, some fossils and a blow dart gun.
The animal skulls have been acquired by finding them in the forest or asking the natives to donate them instead of throwing them away after a successful hunt.  The fossils we have found in the river during the dry season. We make an effort to collect all of them because they will all be washed out into the Amazon and then out into the Atlantic if we don't pick them up. The hunting weapons have been purchased from the local community.

 For me at least the most interesting item we have is a fossilized tooth which looks very much like it could be of a giant alligator or crocodile. The tooth is approximately 10 centimetres long and about 5 wide. Hopefully sometime soon we can confirm exactly which species this belongs to.

We have also added a few other details around the lodge such as the sign which is visible above.  Although we will always be making small changes around the lodge, at least for the time being the facilities won't be changing much until our visitor volume increases.

Aside from construction there are always a million things that keep you occupied when your run a business on your own but it has been worth all the effort.  It has been a very satisfying journey and there is still a lot to come and I invite everyone to come down to Colombia and share it with us. 

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