Thursday, 16 June 2011

170 lbs of luggage = no fun

This entry is going to be rather brief because time is in short supply.  I left Toronto 2 days ago with the maximum amount of luggage you could possible take with you.  There are a lot of things that are simply cheaper, better or unavailable in Colombia so my bags were/are stuffed.  Air Canada allows 2 pieces of checked luggage of 50 pounds each and 2 carry on items of 22 pounds each, meaning you could technically take 144 pounds of stuff.  However I know that they don't weight carry on luggage and are more worried about dimensions and the opposite is true of checked luggage. So all the large stuff got checked and I tried carrying on the heavier items.  It wasn't easy though, I slept only about an hour my last night in Toronto trying to max out my carrying capacity.  I had a nice little surprise when I got to the airport though.  Air Canada greeters went on strike that morning so they decided to wave overweight fees and even fees for extra pieces of luggage, of course by that point I couldn't run home and grab another 50 pounds of stuff so I smiled a rueful smile and took a nap before my flight. I am not used to travelling with so much luggage usually I just have a large back pack and a small one.  But that's life right now. Soon enough I will be able to take a relaxing stroll through the bush with nothing but a water bottle to weigh me down.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

The Website is Up!!

After a long and somewhat painful process the website has finally gone online. Please take a look and give us your feed back. 

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