Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Continuation of 'An EcoLodge on Budget'

  I realize that the last entry was pretty dry so I've decided to write follow up.  As the title suggests funds have been tight during the construction process which has meant that a lot of the construction has fallen on the shoulders of just a few people including myself.  It has been an educational experience as well as a slimming one.  Despite manual labour not being my favourite past time the hard work has well been worth the effort as is hopefully supported by the photographic evidence. 

After much sweat in the tropical sun the result has been a lodge with many amenities that you would not expect that far removed into the Amazonian rainforest.  Comfortable beds, flush toilets, and showers await visitors looking for relative comfort while they enjoy their adventure.  I can't really describe the satisfaction I felt the first time I flushed one of the toilets with collected rainwater. So there is a comfortable place to eat, sleep and take care of personal hygiene. Who could ask for more?      

Yet as much satisfaction as I get from the progress we make nothing brings a smile to my face like coming across an animal I haven't seen before.  Last week I had an  unexpected find in a smooth fronted caiman (Paleosuchus trigonatus).  Needless to say to be able to not only catch sight of this amazing reptile but to also be fortunate enough to safely bring it aboard for a closer look was exhilarating. And so goes my time here in the beautiful Amazon rainforest, come visit.

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