Sunday, 29 May 2011

The Glamor of Starting Your Own Buisness

Any electric engineers in the audience?
So you want to start your own business? not wealthy? and you have student loans to pay? Well do we have the life for you! There is no way to approach a new business without spending a considerable amount of money. As much as I have tried to keep costs low there are a ton of expenses small and large that come with this type of project.  As a result I've had to make a few changes in my life while still here in Toronto.  The biggest has been giving up my apartment. The possibility of saving a few hundred dollars in rent money overrode any considerations to my personal comfort.   So bring on the couch surfing! or should I say floor surfing, few people have a couch big enough for me to sleep on.  

For the first little while it went well but after a couple of weeks I started to miss having my own place. Even on those nights where you manage to have the room to yourself you are always aware that this is not your room.  While bouncing from friend to friend has not turned out to be the funnest way to spend a month and a half its a small sacrifice to make. But not every moment has been bad, an epic sandwich can go a long way to lift sagging spirits. Friends also have done there part and I want to thank all of them that have made this transition easier. Beyond keeping me from sleeping under a bridge they have been sounding boards for ideas, given me suggestions for my website, and helped out in a hundred other little ways. Soon I will be on to my next and final piece of floor which is a welcome thought. But there is no familiar bed on the horizon for me so I guess its a good thing I learned a longtime a go to make any place my home.

-Intrepid Explorer

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